Password Keeper

Password Keeper 3.12

Password Keeper 3.12: Surely you know the problem of having 1000`s of passwords. Did you ever forget o passwords and usernames? Nobody That is where Password Keeper comes in. With this program you can administer all of your usernames and passwords. When you were asked for a password again, and you can`t think of one, then you let Password Keeper come up with a very secure password. Password Keeper generates new secure passwords for you. If a new program or web page wants a new password, then generate a secure password with the password generator.

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Password Keeper 1.3.0

Password Keeper is password manager software and key account manager. It is a specialized database that excels at secure storing of personal information such as logins/passwords, credit card numbers, software serial numbers, pin codes, etc. It keeps all your sensitive/confidential data in one safe place, well organized and sorted in categories. With Password Keeper, you only need to remeber a single password, the one that protects your accounts file.

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Password Keeper 2000 7.2: Safely store your account passwords for quick retrieval.
Password Keeper 2000 7.2

Password Keeper is a small utility useful for storing your frequently used passwords. Password information can be stored, edited and printed with this easy to use program. Each password file that you create can contain up to 1000 account entries. You`ll never forget a password again with this handy utility installed on your Windows system. Password Keeper data files are stored in an encrypted format to prevent unauthorized access.

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Password Keeper Expert 1.3: Safe and reliable storage of all your passwords and codes
Password Keeper Expert 1.3

Password Keeper Expert enables you to store all your passwords and codes at one place. It protects your information using the reliable password-based encryption method. Password Keeper Expert makes editing user-friendly, allows to work with clipboard, gives an opportunity to create several password databases, an opportunity to create backup copies of password lists etc. Password Keeper Expert allows you to control your passwords, it has modern interface

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My Password Generator 3.1: Random password generator and password keeper for Windows.
My Password Generator 3.1

My Password Generator is a random password generator and password keeper that uses Universal Random Number Generator (URAND) subroutine for generating really random passwords. Using My Password Generator you can generate passwords of any length using letters (upper-, lower-case), digits. All passwords, usernames/logins you have can be safely stored in Password Keeper. All information is encrypted using AES 256-bit key encryption

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FlyingBit Password Keeper 1.5: Secure organizer that allows to store your passwords, serial numbers and codes.
FlyingBit Password Keeper 1.5

Password Keeper offers a simple solution for the problem of remembering a lot of confidential information. For example, it may include passwords, serial numbers and all kinds of codes. Data is stored in a special encrypted database. Thus, even if someone gains access to the storage, it will be impossible to read information from it. Due to reliable encryption algorithms, such as AES, Twofish and Blowfish, your password database is securely protected

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YourPasswordKeeper 2.0: Your Password Keeper Manages usernames and passwords
YourPasswordKeeper 2.0

Your Password Keeper is a username and password organizer to help log in to many sites without having to remember a lot of usernames and passwords to do so. Your password Keeper adds more sections for info then many other password managers like cloaked url and discription area,also a section for a affiliate link

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